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Let's get your vehicle looking better than NEW!

Ceramic coating Protects for years to come
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A Ceramic Coating

Provides you with

UV Protection
Water Beading
Easy Maintenance
Surface Protection
Discoloration Prevention
Harmful UV Rays
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Tree Sap

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Acid Rain

Ceramic Coating

Clear Coat

Base Coat

Next Level Appearance Long Lasting Protection
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Check Out OUr 7 step Ceramic Coating


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Our 7 Step Ceramic Coating Process

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What is a ceramic Coating?

A ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that is hand applied to the exterior of the vehicle.

It chemically bonds with the vehicle's paint creating a barrier of protection. Providing a barrier of protection against things like harmful UV rays, road grime, bird droppings and other every day contaminants. Surface becomes hydrophobic as well (repels water).

Keeping your vehicle looking new longer, washes become faster and easier, you'll never have to wax again!

A Ceramic coating Gives You

  • Easy Maintenance
  • Vehicle stays looking new longer
  • Adds depth gloss & slickness
  • Provides a hydrophobic layer to prevent dirt & other contaminants from bonding to your vehicle


Ceramic Coating

  • Applied to exterior surface using our 7 step process currently offering a 1 year and 5 year coating.
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Clean Car Wash

Enhance & Protect

  • Paint Enhancement Polish to restore paint color, depth & gloss while adding a layer of protection.
  • Removes light scratches & swirl marks.
  • Includes Clay Bar Treatment
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Clay & Seal

  • Clay bar treatment that removes dirt stuck on paint, smooth clean look & feel.
  • Paint sealant applied providing 6 months of protection. Gives great gloss!
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Car was polish service

Classic Detail

  • Basic wash to vehicle's exterior topped with spray sealant, deep clean of the interior.

  • Rates depend on size and condition of vehicle.

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Other Services
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Paint Enhancement

Revitalize your paint by restoring its high gloss levels. Takes out 40-50% of swirl marks & light scratches.

Car detailing concept. Auto cleaning and polish.

Paint Correction

Removes imperfections from your vehicles paint by performing a 2 step process to first compounding the vehicle then followed by polishing.

Car detailing concept. Auto cleaning and polish.

Claybar Treatment

Removes dirt contaminants stuck on your paint leaving surface smooth to the touch. See clay & Seal Packaging.

Glass Coating

Improves visability especially during rainy weather. At highway speeds, water rolls right off decreasing wiper use.

"Drop it off dirty, Drive away clean"

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- Baldo Barrera, Owner

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Client Reviews

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Nati R

Austin, TX

The owner, Baldo, detailed my 10 year old truck and it cam out looking like new. You will love the results!

White Land Rover Range Rover Suv on Road
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Josh T.

Austin, TX

Barrera Auto Detailing will bring your car/truck/suv back to life! They take their time and do a phenomenal job!

Do yourself a favor and get the ceramic coating - especially on your newer vehicles. The protection it gives is insane! Before selling my jeep I took to these guys and was blown away by the results! The only guys I trust with my new truck!

Photograph of a Black Pickup Car
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Lena R.

Austin, TX

I got the clay and seal package. My truck looks great and is so smooth, looks brand new. The service was excellent and would recommend this to everyone I know. I'm so happy with my results and you will be too!

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